John Harrison

Private Detective / Fixer


A disheveled man in his late twenties stands before you. At solid 6’3" this man looks to be someone that relies on his size and physicality to survive. Obvious scars on his knuckles show that he has taken part in his share of fisticuffs and probably come out on the side of the better. Piercing blue eyes look about from underneath shaggy bangs as they soak up information on his surroundings.


John Harrison a product of the foster system was lucky enough to have stable and caring adoptive parents. Not one for the college life he joined the Army after graduating high school and soon found himself an Army Ranger deployed to Afghanistan doing what ever needed to be done. John wasn’t one to question his orders but perhaps should have when his team was dispatched on a questionable mission and subsequently ambushed by the enemy. He was the lone survivor of the botched mission and returned with the bodies of his comrades. After all, no Ranger is left behind.

The mission was covered up by his superiors and was for lack of a better term drummed out of the military. He never stays still long, working part time has a detective/problem solver he tends to move from place to place. A drifter of sorts.

First appearance: Day 1

John Harrison

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