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  • Denver Post

    As the major newspaper in Denver, the Post ranks 12th daily and 10th Sunday of the largest-circulation newspapers in the United States. As of March 2016, it has an average weekday circulation of 1.2 million and Sunday circulation of …

  • Karl Goldberg

    Editor of [[Denver Post | Denver Post]] _First appearance: [[Day 1]] (Phone only)_

  • Vance Ogden

    Vance Ogden, 45, has given up on ever receiving a Pulitzer for investigative reporting or the Edward R.Murrow award. His most earnest effort, which would have exposed a scandal involving a local politician, was a story he buried out of pity and decency ( …

  • Nicole Porter

    Works at [[Denver Post | Denver Post]] _First appearance: [[Day 1]] (Phone only)_

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