Denver Serial Killers

Between 1975 and 1995, dozens of young women were snatched off Denver-area streets, killed and dumped along rural roads, a crime spree that includes 38 unsolved murders that cold-case detectives believe may have been victims of a serial killer — or killers.

The crimes unfolded in a chilling pattern: An average of nearly twice a year during that 21-year span, the nude body of a young woman was discovered along a rural road or field around Denver.

Many were teenagers. Many were involved in risky behavior — such as prostitution.

And although some of the murders from that period were eventually solved, a new effort is underway by detectives from around the metro area — some working together, some working alone — to find the answers in the killings. Those detectives have submitted evidence from various cases to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for DNA testing, hoping new technology might identify suspects.

The work is driven by a simple belief: that as many as a half-dozen serial killers stalked Denver-area streets for more than two decades.

Today, the detectives who have taken on the old cases are motivated by the desire to find justice for women long dead — and by the fear that some of those killers are still out there, preying on others.

Denver Serial Killers

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