Butterfly Effect

Day 2

Vance Ogden awoke to a loud banging sound. He recalled being shot, but was apparently back at his apartment. However he was missing his bandages and was bleeding in his bed. He got up and went to the bathroom. The door was closed, but the light was on, which seemed weird. Vance entered the bathroom only to find the woman from the day before, once again dressed in his shirt. She was face up on the bathroom floor, a pool of blood spreading from the back of her head. She was dead… It looked like she had slipped on the floor from the blood she'd tracked in from the bed and cracked her skull on the countertop before coming to a final resting place on the floor. The loud bang which woke Vance up was her death—the noise likely saved Vance's life as he was bleeding to death despite the stitches over his gunshot wounds. He grabbed a towel and wondered what the hell was going on.



ZombiePlacebo ZombiePlacebo

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